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The Open Course #8

The Open Course #8 is inspired by the National G.C. of Canada #1.

Inspiration: The first hole at National Golf Club of Canada, located in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada, was the inspiration for this par 4.

Details: At Canada’s National G.C., accuracy is key from the start. On the first hole, the fairway slopes right-to-left, down into a waiting bunker. A large bunker guards the right side, as well and the left side falls off sharply, leaving a tough up and down.

History: Gil Blechman, a Canadian car parts manufacturer, found himself disillusioned with country club life. Blechman’s disillusionment with country club life in Toronto led him to envision what he called “a real golf club”. Today, the National G.C. is one of the top-rated courses in Canada.

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