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The Open Course #5

The Open Course #5 is inspired by English Turn #15 Par 5.

Inspiration: The 15th hole at the English Turn Golf & Country Club in New Orleans, Lousiana, was the inspiration for this par 5.

Details: English Turn architect and legendary pro Jack Nicklaus suggests the following: “You have to gamble on your tee shot, and gamble on your second shot. If you play it as a 3-shot hole, it’s not very difficult. You can hit a 3-wood lay-up or cut a driver off the tee. Your second shot is a lay-up, allowing yourself a pitching wedge into a pretty good-sized green.”

History: In 1699, a handful of Frenchmen in two canoes set out to explore the lower Mississippi. Paddling south in the bends of the river below modern-day New Orleans, the French party surprised an anchored English warship. No match for a 12-gun British corvette, the French bluffed that they were part of a fleet just around the bend upriver.

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